Sian Hughes is an artist based in North Wales who also runs projects within the Arts in Health sector.

This website focuses on her artwork:

PROJECTS: Commissions, Installations Exhibitions

MAKING: Studio practice, Fieldwork, Ongoing Series

A key driving force is the exploration of material – currently the translucent properties of porcelain and latex – particularly when back-lit.

She uses paper-thin glazed porcelain which, like latex, shares the ability to record surfaces in minute detail. The resulting newly created artifacts invite a re-interpretation of the originals.

Sian is drawn to working in the landscape, to the derelict and the discarded, often incorporating archival material.

Her work lends itself to residencies and installations.

Her current focus is the next stage of Fragments in Time – researched with an Arts Council of Wales Grant in 2019 and due to be exhibited in 2021.