Back from the Brink is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. Its aim – to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England. Part of this was creative activities and events engaging the public to discover, value and act. – helping to bring back from the brink of extinction some of England’s most threatened species of animal, plant and fungi.

Sarah Jane Richards and I were allocated 2 key species sites in the North of England: Sefton Coast with its fragile ecosystems and the Pine Martens in Northumberland. We also ran activities for Colour in the Margins: supporting the fragile margins of field and landscape and Ancients of the Forests: education about the importance of supporting aging trees to decay naturally.

We ran a combination of joint workshops and single ones where we were able bringing our professional processes into the creative sessions.

The aim was to excite, engage, educate and provide, through this creative engagement and their outcomes, a legacy of awareness of the wide environmental issues and the part everyone can play.

Gems of the Dunes: Sefton Coast
Colour in the Margins: Porcelain Flowers
Ancients of the Forest: planting Acorns to take home and grow
Making Pine Marten Feeder boxes