Unus Multorum: brief and proposal

Plas Bodfa is just one house, in one village, in one country, at this particular moment in history. Particular, yes…uncommon, no. This exhibition explores the ubiquitous, the omnipresent and the universal materials and processes that are all-around, all-over, all-the-time.‘…Julie Upmeyer

My idea was to create an installation at  Plas Bodfa that reflected the character of this ‘ordinary’ house through the concept of the commonplace by interacting directly with the interior walls of the house. Through a combination of stripping and decay, the brick, rock and lathe substrates have revealed the layers of time and usage the house has witnessed

I made a test piece, Membrane I, then four more strips of ‘wallpaper’ Membrane II – V using latex and silk. Their patterning came from direct impressions taken from the revealed walls.

Removed, these now have the feel and flow of textiles, and when hung in the stairway window, take on an aspect of another commonplace furnishing – curtains.

Sian Hughes 2020

Plas Bodfa Website for more information on the project and other artists