CRAFTIVISM: Exhibition Bluecoat Display Centre Liverpool 2017

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I was invited to put work into this exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre. The work was produced during a residency at Liverpool Hope University Ceramics Department under the AA2A scheme*.

Letters in the form of journals of life in the Far East in the  1960’s form the focus of this work. They have been laser etched , and pressed onto porcelain paper clay. They were originally written on flimsy air letter forms and sent to Britain from my mother to her mother. Ticked when read, they were passed on by each relative to the wider family. Finally, typed and stored, they became a journal of observation and recording, and  now an archive.

I chose porcelain paper clay for for focusing my work on the scheme – exploring its strength and apparent fragility, enabling me to exploit its translucency and work directly with text and narrative.  I  used it literally as paper by directly cutting and folding the clay to make the origami structures – sake´ flask and cup forms – that hold my narrative.

What has emerged is the centrality of text and archive; an unexpected conversation of recollection; the fragility of memory; a further understanding of the thread of blue and white that imbues much of my work and the incorporation of handwritten text to record the fleeting memory and the mindful moment.

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Photos:    Letter Archive from above and Sake Bottle Set in situ by June McHenry.