A selection of Exhibitions and Installations

Oriel Ynys Mon October - February 2014

I currently have work in the Long Gallery, where, in addition to framed pieces from the Shorelines Installation, and Be Our Guest, I also have work from a new area of exploration.  All work is for sale. 

The Abandoned Farm series arose from a visit to Scotland and discovering abandoned tenants' cottages and a main farm house.  Over the last few years I have photographed these and made original Cyanotypes on tissue paper. This year, I produced Cyanotypes from the plants in the garden of the main house while I was there,  exposing some in the empty rooms, then photographed them in the building.






 Shorelines Galeri Caernarfon June 2014

Llanfairfechan has three Shore Lines: the expanse of stones and pebbles under the sea wall on one side; field and grazing sheep on the other, and threading between them, a ribbon path, bequeathed to the public in 1908 for 'the right of wheeling at a foot pace Bath Chairs drawn by hand or by Pony Mule or Donkey….'

The shore collects a twice-daily harvest of flotsam and jetsam: seaweeds; stripped and weathered wood; plastic, tin; shards of broken crockery - edges blunted, patterns faded - the detritus of human lives. Metal objects corrode and rust into the delicacy of iron lace.

The slate slab fences, keeping shore and field apart, form textured screens projecting layered details of setting and time. Maps, plants and bones leave imprints both natural and man-made recalling fossils and ancient traces.

 This installation develops shoreline collections and explorations made over the past year using the cyanotype process, from the seaweed beds of Talmine in Northern Scotland where I worked out of doors on the empty beaches making images of kelp 12 feet long; to interventions on ceramic here - with delicate blue and white tissue paper - echoing lives past.

 Shoreline Gallery 


BE OUR GUEST   Oriel Davies Newtown

GalleryBe Our Guest

30 Artists selected to take part in an installation reflecting the Guest House experience. 



AA2A 2010  

Liverpool Community College  




Sefton Park Palm House Installation



Coastlands - Ynysoedd