Commission for the Audiology Department, Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool.

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Chapel Allerton Hospital Leeds

Commissioned by TONIC - the arts and environments programme for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (ULTH) - to address the Women's Prosthetics Fitting Room - to uplift the whole room and create a sense of welcome, wellbeing and unity.  Project was initiated by the patient representative.


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Malton Hospital, North Yorkshire

Commission from HAFNEY - Hospital Arts for North East Yorkshire - to develop a feature artwork for the reception desk of a ward for elderly patients; both as a sign point and as a welcoming feature.  The brief was to work both with pupils in Malton High School and with patients in the Day Ward to develop ideas.

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Liverpool Women's Hospital

This was made possible with funding provided by the Liverpool & District Association of Women's Clubs.

The brief was  to create a key feature for the foyer opposite the main lifts of the Liverpool Women's Hospital.

The design represents the River Mersey. 

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